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Below are some recent testimonials relating to our coaching, our free positive uplifting email messages and of course the “Pathways To Success” book by Simon Cartwright.

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“The realisations that I have come to in the last few months have been reiterated by your book and added confidence to my conclusions as well as adding new techniques such as the EFT which i found particularly interesting.

Having read your E book that has all changed and i can see it helping me with not only my energy for business and life but also on a more basic physical level to do with my boxing and injuries that until recently have held me back.
I think your book is such a complete step by step and encapsulates so many things in the 39 pages in such an amazing concise format that when i finished it one of my first thought was “what else can this guy have to write about/teach?”

Well from a personal level let me just say thank you because you have confirmed a great deal to me and all the stuff about the heart energy being stronger than your logical minds energy… i love it!!”

Damien Sayer, Property Investor, Internet Marketer & Boxer
“Thanks simon, I love getting your messages  great stuff” Adrian Ramsay


“I find quite often that your messages arrive just when I need to be more positive.”
Hilary Hutchinson
“Simon thank you for that message I haven’t in all honesty read each that you’ve sent but for some reason read this one and it has true meaning to my life right now and has perked me up a little from my emotional” Gemma Sykes
“On life’s journey, we sometimes take the wrong path, get lost and wonder why we are where we are. Pathways to Success is an awesome compass for people to find their true path and get on with fulfilling their dreams and goals.  His no nonsense style is fresh and transparent – you know you are reading a book written by someone who has travelled the wrong paths in life and has had the courage to course correct. Pathways to Success is a wonderful guide of practical strategies for anyone at any stage of their journey.”
Annette Densham, Director Write Here Media
“god bless you for sending me this words” Portia Nhlanhla
“Hi Simon, I thought I would send you a message of thanks, for these emails. I really enjoy receiving them. I get out of bed, check emails, and they are some of the first things to enter my head for the day. It’s a brilliant start to a day. Thank you again.”
Matthew O'Doherty
“That was the most perfect thing I needed to hear read now… Thank you :)Rachael Wilson
“Totally awesome stuff.” – Kevin Jeeps”
Kevin Jeeps
“Thanks for all the motivation its great” Andrew Dewey
“Wow, Thank you so much Simon. I love what I just read!” .”
Elizabeth Ndagire
“Nice message. Well written and refreshingly different. Thank you.“ Shilpa Panchmatia
““Thank you so much, for your very grateful messages, I appreciate for everything” Nora Amoin”
Nora Amoin
“Brought a tear to my eyes with these words ” Hind Karouche
“Oh that thought for the day is lovely!!” Kate McGurk

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